Welcome to the Short Sale Portal | Hope Home Buyers

March 1, 2010

Welcome to the Short Sale Portal for Hope Home Buyers, a division on JTI Real Estate. Here at this site you will find the communication and resources for our company to work on your short sale!

If you are looking for our main site, it is located at http://www.hopehomebuyers.com

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Our 7 Step Short Sale Process:

March 1, 2010

1. Initial Call with one of our company representatives.

2. Set up a 15- 20 minute presentation.  We will go over our process & the next steps. Meet us in ouroffice in Somerville, NJ or conviently have the meeting remotely (all you need is a computer).

3. Set up a call with Homeowner, Realtor and  Us.  Send paperwork to homeowner.

We will email (preferred) or mail the JTI documents to the homeowner. JTI documents are the documents that allow us to purchase and sell the property for a profit and negotiate as a 3rd party for the homeowner(s). 

For your convienance, there is a video for you to watch that provides an overview of  the documents, you should then attend a follow-up call with our staff.

There are a few ways to review, sign and submit the documents:

     A. Realtor meets with homeowner and collects the signed documents from the homeowner (“Sign Here” stickers provided)

     B. Meet us in our office in Somerville, NJ

     C. Watch the video overview and schedule follow-up call with our staff to review the documents

     D. Meet with a “JTI Qualified”, local attorney to sign documents

4.  Gather paperwork (JTI Documents and Short Sale Checklist) from homeowner (we pay the ups shipping charges) and our company will submit the packet to the bank.    We will be in touch with Realtor to let them know when to do 1st Price drop on the listing and the next steps. We will also be in communication with the homeowner.

5. Bank schedules a BPO the on property

6. Bank provides approval and End buyer is lined up with clear to close.

7. We Close!!!